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Buddha Teas 90mg, Assorted Flavors


Buddha Teas 90mg, Assorted Flavors – CBD Mushroom Defense

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Buddha Teas 90mg, Assorted Flavors – CBD Cacao Fusion

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Buddha Teas 90mg, Assorted Flavors – Sleepy Temple Blend

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Don’t let chemistry get in the way of enjoying your cup of CBD Tea. But, do know that by choosing to drink water-soluble CBD Tea, the bioavailability is maximized. Why? Simply put: oil and water don’t mix. Most CBD Teas on the market use oil-based CBD, a CBD product that won’t properly disperse in hot water. Because you want the bioavailability of your CBD to be as high as possible, and because you want your investment to go far, Buddha Teas CBD Teas is what you want.

*All six varieties of our CBD Teas have been tested to reveal zero percent THC.

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CBD Mushroom Defense, CBD Chamomile Blend, CBD Cacao Fusion, Sleepy Temple Blend, CBD Turmeric & Ginger, CBD Sleepy Buddha Blend


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